About Us

Our Mission

We at the Ameripure family of Wellness Products and Services believe in each person's right to clean air, clean water and healthy living. We make it our mission to provide each and every family the best in air purification and water filtration technology and make it affordable for the families that need it most.


About Ameripure Technologies

We are a company that offers you the best in air and water purification products. We have recently started offering the latest technology featuring Air Oasis air purifiers. We have researched and tested the most advanced filterless air purification technology on the market and decided that the best quality products on the market today are products manufactured by Air Oasis.  Air Oasis is an American Air Purification manufacturer who is located in Amarillo Texas. Air Oasis Purification products are the best quality and most effective technology for products available in the $100 to $1000 price range. We have tested them and we Guarantee that you will be satisfied!

We deliver State of the Art Purification by both featuring a team of direct sales professionals and by the convenience of being able to purchase through our internet web store.

Our professional sales team markets directly to residential and commercial clients throughout all regions of the USA.

Our web store business markets to the same clientele however this electronic medium allows us the broad reach of the internet to bring our products to you, our customer.

We are currently expanding into international markets both through the internet and through the development of Independent Sales Representatives in other countries.