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Many people have questions about air purifiers. In this section of our web site we hope to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions. More information about the science behind our technology is located in our Advanced Technology section. We have broken the categories down into smaller sections to make it easier for you to find the information. We regularly update this section with actual questions and answers exchanged by email with our customers.

Air Oasis® Air Purifiers/Air Sanitizers use Advanced Scientific Ultra-Violet technology to break down contaminants and eliminate harmful particles, chemical vapors, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and more. Filters are not used in our appliances, we actually purify your air. Our process uses a 'Purifying Plasma' to oxidize and remove the bad things from your air. Contamination is broken down by highly excited charged molecules, Redundant Photocatalytic Ions, Hydroxyls (OH), Oxygen Singlets and O3. This is not the 'old' technology where contamination is trapped in a paper filter. All Air Oasis® Air Purifiers/Air Sanitzers use a 'whisper fan' which runs super quiet and uses very little electricity.

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