Guarantee, Policies and Procedures

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Our Promise to you is quite simple: 

Ameripure Technologies absolutely Guarantees your Complete Satisfaction with the performance of our premium air purification products for 90 DAYS from the date of purchase.  

During the first three months of use, we promise that you will be happy with the performance and benefits gained through the use of your new AirOasis air purification products purchased from our webstore.  Our 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee is the best in the business!

We also guarantee your satisfaction for 30 Days from the date of purchase for any of the other products we offer online including special items which may be offered via phone by our sales team.  Every product other than the Air Oasis air purifiers will be covered by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Please check carefully the manufacturer warranty on each sale page as their warranty is independent from our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.  

If you are not satisfied, we will refund the purchase price of your order according to the policies and conditions stated in the paragraphs beneath the appropriate heading shown farther down this page.

Manufacturer's Product Warranty:

You can expect a lifetime of trouble free use from your new Air Oasis air purification product you have purchased. These products are designed to last! 
AirOasis offers a Three (3) Year Manufacturer's Product Warranty.
In addition:  The AirOasis AHPCO Cell (UV Purifier Lamp) warranty is also good for 2 years from date of purchase, the only purification lamp we offer that is designed to last for three years.  
If, at any time during that first three years of use, your Air Oasis Air Purifier does not operate properly, simply contact us and we will arrange the details of your return with the AirOasis warranty service department. Your return authorization is provided you at no charge enabling you to ship your product directly to the warranty repair facility for repair or full replacement if necessary. 
Most other manufacturers offer a Manufacturer’s product warranty for one (1) year. 
All product warranty information will be available in the product manual contained in the product box or packaging and will supersede any inaccurate warranty claims which may have been inadvertently advertised, in error, on our website. Manufacturer documentation is the primary binding warranty information provided to the customer. If there is a conflict between that which appears on the website and that which is published by the manufacturer, the customer must notify Ameripure Technologies by email of the discrepancy at which time, we will correct the error appearing on the website.  The customer has 10 days upon receipt of the product to notify our customer care department of such errors. Notification must be made in writing by sending an email to:
Remember to send in your warranty cards!

Shipping Charges:

Ameripure Technologies offers the option of FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental U.S. on orders $200.00 or more. Free Shipping will be via ground delivery only. Shipping providers for ground, 2-day and overnight options shall be via FedEx, UPS or USPS. (Please note that if you qualify for FREE Shipping you will need to select it as the final option within the Shipping drop down menu.  We also ship anywhere in the world for reasonable rates. If you are ordering from outside of the U.S. we offer reduced rates on Next Day and 2nd Day shipping.

Please email for all non-standard shipping information. For details concerning our shipping and return Policies and Procedures; you must please read the Shipping Policies section that follows below. Note: Shipping and associated costs are not free for Ameripure Technologies therefore all initial shipping, handling and processing costs will be deducted from any items returned to Ameripure by the customer. (See ‘Returns’ section below for detailed policies regarding shipping)

Shipping Policies:

Orders are typically shipped within 2 to 3 days of receipt of your order (except for orders paid by check).  Orders shall be shipped via FedEx, UPS or USPS. Customer care and good service are important to us therefore we try our best to email the tracking information to you on the day your order has been shipped or when we receive that information from the shipping warehouse. We appreciate the confidence you show in our company as demonstrated by your purchase from Ameripure Technologies. Because you, our customers, are very important to us, we promise to do our very best to provide you with the finest customer service we can. We strive to provide the personal satisfaction you expect when you purchase an air purifier, water purification product, portable air conditioner or with any other product order placed with our quality company. We thank you very much for your support and your business.

Policies and Procedures for Returns:

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your AirOasis product within the first 90 days of the date of your original purchase or by the performance of any other product you have ordered within the first 30 days, you can return that product for a refund subject to the conditions listed below.

Note: Shipping charges and costs are not refundable and the customer is responsible for the cost of all return shipping required to return their product/s by FedEx, UPS or USPS.  

The initial (ship to customer) shipping, handling and processing charges shall be deducted from the refund subsequently due to a customer for any returned products. All products other than the AirOasis air purification products and only those products sold from this internet web-store shall be covered by the 30 day satisfaction guarantee described above. The warranties and guarantees offered by Ameripure Technologies contained on this page and will be considered the legal and binding document governing returns and refunds for product purchases.  By your purchase from this website you are agreeing to the terms detailed by the policies and procedures stated on this page.

All returns are required to have a Return Authorization Number (RMA) clearly displayed on the shipping label and the outside of the box or container housing the returned item. Returned products will not be accepted by Ameripure Technologies unless the authorized RMA has been issued and appears clearly on the shipping label and the top and/or sides of the box containing the returned item. A request for a (RMA) number shall be made by both and by calling our Customer Care number: 1-877-281-1967 to verbally notify our sales department of your intentions. Our Customer Care consultant shall instruct the customer at the time of call.  These procedures are required to acquire the necessary RMA number by corporate email. The email sent by the customer to Ameripure will serve as official notification to Ameripure Technologies LLC of the customer’s desire to return their unit for a refund. An e-mail confirmation return acknowledgement from Ameripure Technologies to the customer will be required in order to provide the customer and corporation with both a legal time and date stamp of the notification. This is to insure fair and accurate refund processing for both customer and the corporation. Ameripure Technologies will provide the customer with the necessary instructions to return the unit properly in the customer’s confirmation email.

Before processing any refund, Ameripure Technologies reserves the right to test and evaluate the condition and proper mechanical function of units returned for refund. In order to allow proper time to test and appraise returned units, Ameripure Technologies will be afforded a 20 day evaluation period from the date of return delivery. This period begins the day the returned product arrives at our warehouse. The shipping company, i.e. FedEx, UPS, USPS or DHL etc., handling the return will provide the official time stamp for this process. Any unit/s deemed unacceptable and unfit for resale by Ameripure Technologies shall be returned to the customer without refund or recourse on the part of the customer.

Policies & Procedures Regarding Cancellations

In the event that a customer cancels an order after the order has been shipped, that customer shall be responsible to insure that the order has be returned safely to Ameripure Technologies.  All costs associated with the order’s shipment, both to the customer and return to Ameripure, will be borne by the customer and deducted accordingly from the credit due customer by Ameripure. The credit due said customer will be applied within the 30 day period after receipt of returned item/s by Ameripure in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Major Credit Card Companies. Credits/Refunds will be made by check or credit card within that 30 day period at the discretion of Ameripure Technologies.

A check or credit to card will be issued for the refund based on the following conditions:

(A) The returned item must be received in 100% saleable condition with all original boxes, carton, packing, manuals, warranty cards and originally included paperwork. If any of these aforementioned items are not included with the returned unit and the product has not been returned in 100% saleable condition as estimated by the Ameripure Technologies technical department, a 25% restocking fee shall be assessed.

Returned in 1 to 30 days from the ship date:

A refund of purchase price shall be made provided all conditions contained in paragraph (A) above have been met.

Returns from 31 to 60 days from the ship date:

85% of the purchase price will be refunded as long as the conditions in paragraph (A) have been met.

Returns from 61 to 90 days from the ship date:

75% of the purchase price will be refunded as long as the conditions in paragraph (A) have been met.

*Any item returned without a RMA number will be refunded at 50% of the purchase price. All shipping costs associated with the return of a unit for refund shall be the sole responsibility of the customer, including but not restricted to the charges incurred for a delivery refusal.*

Customer Support:

We pride ourselves on customer support. Contact our Customer Service Department at any time concerning your questions or for other information. If for any reason you need to contact us, we promise to personally resolve any issues. There are always 3 ways to get in touch with us, and we always respond as promptly as possible, usually within an hour or two, 7 days a week. You can contact us any of 4 ways:

#1 - Online Contact Form - Use this form to contact us and receive a personal response within hours, 7 days a week. We have staff to answer your questions at almost all times.

#2 - Telephone Support - You may either call us, or contact us with your telephone number, and we will call you back. We will gladly help you, answer your questions or talk with you on the phone about your purification needs. 1-877-281-1967.

#3 - Email Support - We prefer that you use one of our forms, as they are directed to a the appropriate available staff member who can answer your request right away. For this reason, and to avoid Spam spiders, we do not list our email address on the website. If you would like to email the main address, you can do so by emailing us -

Note Regarding Defective Products: If the product you order is inoperative or defective in some way, Ameripure Technologies will send you a replacement unit. In this situation, return shipping labels will be included at no charge to the customer.  Thereafter it is the customer’s responsibility to drop off the defective unit at the shipping company outlet or drop-off point chosen by Ameripure for the return.  (FedEx, UPS or DHL)

Sales Tax:

Sales tax is added to orders shipped to Massachusetts.

Privacy and Spam:

Your privacy is your right and our commitment. We protect your privacy!
We NEVER sell or rent our customer list and we do not send you unwanted email.

We may occasionally send you email about special limited time offers, or we may contact you to confirm an order.

We simply do not send spam! We concentrate our efforts on supplying the best air purifiers on the market with the best incentives for purchasing them from us.

Additional Product Warranty Information:

If within three (3) years or one (1) year in the case of UV lamps, from the date of the original purchase by the end-user from the Authorized Dealer, the Product or any part thereof (with the exception of filters) is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, the manufacturer will, at their option repair or replace the part or product free of charge for labor and materials.

Obvious defects must be communicated to the Ameripure Technologies within
10 days from the purchase date.

This warranty shall not apply to damage caused through misuse, wear and
tear, neglect, unauthorized repair, to damage caused through installation, adaptation, modification or use in an improper manner or inconsistent with Manufacturers operating and maintenance instructions, wear or deterioration due to environmental conditions or to damage occurred during transit.
Ameripure Technologies and AirOasis will not be liable under this warranty for any fault or damage arising from defective workmanship, if the product has been serviced, repaired or modified by any person other than the manufacturer or if the manufacturer's serial label has been removed or tampered with.

All products returned for service or repair must be accompanied with a RMA (Return Authorization) Number. The RMA number must be clearly visible on the external packaging. The absence of an RMA Number will delay the service or repair process. Any shipment to AirOasis directly, without a RMA Number, will not be accepted and will be immediately sent back to the shipper.

Therefore, please call the Ameripure Technologies Solution Center at 1-877-745-1540 to receive an RMA number prior to return shipment.

Policies with Regard to Phone Sales:

Occasionally our staff will offer special purchase items to be sold to our customers via live phone purchase. It is understood that all such purchases shall be entered via SSL secured server and any information shall not be used towards any other transaction nor will the customer’s information be shared with any other agency for any reason.

All customer purchases made according to this method have the additional requirement that a receipt be provided by Ameripure Technologies and sent by email to said customer whereupon it is the customer’s responsibility to insure that he has received the email confirmation and receipt. If the customer does not receive the receipt for said purchase, the customer shall be responsible for contacting customer service by email within seven (7) days of date of purchase at:

Ameripure Technologies shall not be held liable for problems associated with purchases made without of the official and original written receipt and confirmation sent by Ameripure Technologies of the original purchase price/s, the type/s and number of product/s purchased or the warranties and guarantees in writing that were offered to that particular customer.

When purchasing products not featured on the Ameripure Technologies e-commerce web-store, alternate warranties and satisfaction guarantees may exist depending on the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s return policy. It is the responsibility of the customer to establish the terms and conditions of such warranties and guarantees and request that these be provided in writing by Ameripure Technologies. At no time shall a verbal representation of the terms of purchase, warranty, guarantee or terms of payment be binding on Ameripure Technologies nor said customer of Ameripure Technologies without written agreement from Ameripure Technologies.

When you purchase any product from Ameripure Technologies, you are confirming that you have read and accept the policies and procedures contained on this page.

Thank you very much!