Biozone Replacement Lamps

$ 59.95

By ordering this replacement lamp, you will be ordering a Biozone Replacement lamp for your BZ1000, BZ2000 and/or BZ3000 air purifiers.  If you are ordering for your Biozone 4000 (BZ4000) or BZ5000 air purifiers, you will need to order twice, order two lamps as each of those units need two replacement lamps.

Biozone air purifiers use UV lamps which need replacement after every 9,000 hours, normally after 1 year of continuous use. If lamp currently installed in your Biozone air purifier has burned out, in addition to replacing that lamp, you will need to replace any fuse(s) in order for your new lamps to function. Those fuses are easily found at any hardware store. Bring in the old one and compare the number embossed on the fuse to find the replacement.


Our lamps will function perfectly in your Biozone purifier, however, be advised that the lamps are manufactured for Ameripure Technologies by a third party manufacturer and as such, will not have the Biozone logo printed on the lamp. All specifications are the same as the originals and you will be completely satisfied with the performance of your Biozone air purifier.